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Recipe: Blueberry Curd & Lemon Glaze Cake

Ahu Eats: Ahu Eats: Blueberry Curd Cake with Lemon Glaze

Blueberry Curd Cake with Lemon Glaze

Most people know and love lemon curd – it’s tangy, smooth and is usually found in cakes or as a sort of jam. But what about all the other beautiful fruits out there just waiting to be… curd-ified?! (That sounds like a real word. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

Ahu Eats: Blueberry Curd

Blueberry Curd – the most amazing color

Well, turns out you can make curd with a lot of fruits! Any citrus or berry – and I’ve seen even seen it with tropical fruits like mango! So find some beautiful fruit and get to curdling! :)

Ahu Eats: Blueberry Curd on Vanilla Cake Base

Blueberry Curd on Vanilla Cake Base

There are lots of magical things you can do with fruit curds. I loved the thought of a cake that looked white on the outside and when you cut into it a beautifully rich purple pops out, but the possibilities are endless!  You may want to feature your curd in a more visible way… Or just spoon it directly to your mouth… whatever works! Note, this cake was made with my favorite basic cake recipe: the 1-2-3-4 cake.

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Recipe: Blueberry Curd
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Prep time:
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Beautifully deep purple blueberry curd. Use it in a layer cake, with scones or as a jam! Makes about a cup of curd - enough for a 9-inch cake.
  • 1 cup of blueberries
  • ½ cup of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 large egg
  • splash of water
  1. Combine the blueberries and water in a small saucepan. Cover and let it simmer until everything is super mushy and smells good. Optional: you can add some lemon zest here if you like. This step takes about 8-10 minutes.
  2. Strain your blueberries to get the chunks out - we want our curd to be smooth and shiny!
  3. Set up a double boiler - bring about an inch of water to a low simmer in a small pan and put your curd in a glass bowl over the simmering water.
  4. Whisk in the butter and sugar until everything is uniformly combined.
  5. Add in your egg and whisk gently until the whole thing reduces and gets to a thicker consistency. This can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes - but the test of readiness is if the curd coats the back of a spoon. It will continue to firm up after you take it off the heat.
  6. Remove your curd from the heat - you can either use it immediately (yum!) or store it in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.


Ahu Eats: Blueberry Curd on Vanilla Cake Base

Blueberry Curd on Vanilla Cake Base

This lemon glaze is the simplest frosting – and the tart lemon is a great complement to both the color and flavor of the blueberry!

Bonus Recipe: Lemon Glaze – Enough to glaze one 9 inch cake


  • 2 cups confectioners sugar
  • Juice of 2 lemons, strained


  1. Put your sugar in a bowl.
  2. Add the lemon juice a bit at a time and mix until the glaze reached the desired consistency. I like mine quite thick but just loose enough to pour over the cake.
  3. Pour it over your cake – it will spread beautifully itself but might need some encouragement from a frosting knife.
Ahu Eats: Blueberry Curd Cake with Lemon Glaze

Blueberry Curd Cake with Lemon Glaze

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  • the unmanly chef August 25, 2014, 5:54 pm

    This is ridiculously impressive. I couldn’t accomplish this in a million…scratch that … ZILLION years!

    Great Stuff

    • Ahu Shahrabani August 25, 2014, 7:22 pm

      Haha, thanks so much!! I’m sure you could – it looks impressive but it’s actually pretty simple! :)

  • Angie@Angiesrecipes August 26, 2014, 5:44 am

    The colour of blueberry curd is so sexy! The cake must be really delicious, Ahu.

    • Ahu Shahrabani August 26, 2014, 7:07 am

      Never thought to describe it as sexy but that’s pretty accurate… Thanks for stopping by Angie! :)

  • DS August 26, 2014, 8:16 am

    Looks wonderful and probably tastes just as great.

  • sue/the view from great island August 26, 2014, 12:27 pm

    Wow this is so great, I love fruit curds, but I’ve never thought to try a blueberry version. That color is stunning. Pairing it with lemon is genius!

    • Ahu Shahrabani August 26, 2014, 7:29 pm

      Thanks Sue! It kindof opens up a whole new world of possibilities, no?

  • Fae's Twist & Tango August 26, 2014, 2:41 pm

    Ahu jan, Very yummy looking blueberry curd cake!
    Congratulations for a beautiful new look of your blog. Thank you for including Food-Blogging Resources ‘page’. With it, you answer questions new bloggers have and also encourage/inspire them.

    • Ahu Shahrabani August 26, 2014, 7:29 pm

      Merci Fae jan, your comments mean a lot! I’m glad you enjoyed the cake and the new pages.. more are coming! 😀

  • Jean @ Lemons & Anchovies August 26, 2014, 6:12 pm

    Blueberries and lemons are two of my favorite ingredients. Love this cake!

  • Tania @My Kitchen stories August 27, 2014, 7:58 am

    What a great idea, blueberry curd. It does look so good with a vanlla cake doesn’t it?

    • Ahu Shahrabani August 27, 2014, 8:01 am

      Thanks Tania! I agree – the beauty of a vanilla cake is it’s the perfect canvas ! :)

  • Sippitysup August 27, 2014, 6:54 pm

    I’ve never tried other flavors. Although I don’t see why not. I like that you kept a bit of lemon here with the glaze. GREG

  • Azita August 28, 2014, 12:54 pm

    Love the blog’s new look and drooling over the cake! Yummy, Ahu joon!

  • ATasteOfMadness August 28, 2014, 2:10 pm

    This cake looks amazing!! I have (for some reason) never tried lemon curd. Is that weird?

  • lisaiscooking August 29, 2014, 10:12 am

    Love that color of the blueberry curd! I’m imagining how delicious that cake would be for breakfast right now.

  • Karen (Back Road Journal) August 31, 2014, 9:16 am

    Each summer I make a lemon curd tart topped with blueberries. Now I can’t wait to reverse the flavors and make your cake…it sounds terrific.

  • Laura Dembowski August 31, 2014, 3:46 pm

    Oh, man, blueberry curd? Forget the cake, I just need a spoon :)

  • David Scott Allen September 1, 2014, 12:37 am

    I love fruit curds – learned about them from a Harrod’s book on jams and jellies. The cake sounds amazing – wish you had been here to make it in my birthday!!!

  • Deb September 4, 2014, 7:30 pm

    This the perfect dessert for my family! My husband adores blueberry desserts and my favorite is lemon. Pairing them together makes for a very scrumptious cake!

  • Nicky @ Kitchen Sanctuary September 24, 2014, 8:39 am

    What amazing colours Ahu. I’ve become a bit blueberry obsessed lately so this is a great recipe for me :-)

    • Ahu Shahrabani September 25, 2014, 12:19 pm

      Thanks Nicky, and I agree! I must have eaten a pint a day during the summer! :)

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