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About Me

All about Ahu Shahrabani, the food blogger at Ahu Eats!
Hi, I’m Ahu Shahrabani, and I LOVE food. Everything about it – eating it, cooking it, the stories food tells and the fact that it forces us to stop what we’re doing 3 times a day (or if you’re me, more like 5 or 6) to enjoy it. I like to think that everything I make it real food that real people eat. Heck – everything I post I typically eat copious amounts of very regularly! In fact, I am slurping down a giant bowl of Vegan Soba Soup and I have the splatter marks to prove it.


So join me on this tasty journey we call life, won’t you?


Ahu Shahrabani

In the words of Miss Piggy… it’s MOI!


I’d love to hear from you – your thoughts, feedback or jokes. If you so please, follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook or just drop me a note here. For information about partnerships, see the contact me page.


Happy eating,