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Vegan Curry Soup in the Slow Cooker

I don’t know about you but I just love Indian food – there’s a particular hole-in-the-wall that I frequent more often than I care to admit and their stews are so comforting it’s like being at home. So this week, after the massive Snowpocalypse that shut down all of New York City – including my beloved hole-in-the-wall – I was craving that warm, cozy feeling I get from my favorite Indian place. So after playing around with this recipe from the The Kitchn for a while, I came away with this incredible recipe for a vegan curry soup that’s chock full of your favorite vegetables and packed with flavor and nutrients. It has just the right kick of spices that are balanced out with a hint of creaminess from the coconut milk – all for 200 calories a bowl. I’ll have seconds and thirds, please!

Vegan Vegetable Curry Soup

Vegan Curry Soup – an Indian-inspired curry chock full of vegetables cooked in the slow cooker!

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Italian-Style Marinated Mushrooms

I have a more-than-mild obsession with these mushrooms. Meaning I’ve been obsessively eating them out since I first discovered them at a little Italian deli by my old apartment. As a lover of all things salty, tangy and garlicky – these marinated mushrooms hit all the right notes and I was an addict with a fix 200 feet from my front door. Then in late 2014 I moved to a new neighborhood and ever since then I’ve been craving these lovely marinated mushrooms day and night!

Italian-Style Marinated Mushrooms

Italian-Style Marinated Mushrooms

So like any good food blogger would, I set out to replicate them myself. I was skeptical about being able to reproduce the incredible tanginess but after some engineering of the recipe they are spot on.

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10 Healthiest Vegetarian Recipes for the New Year

Happy new year folks! Here we are, in the first week of 2016. The feeling in the air of excitement, possibility and …. hunger is palpable. Traditionally, the first Monday of the new year (that would be tomorrow) is the most popular day to start a diet to lose those 5 pesky pounds or to finally join the gym. But eating healthy should not mean being hungry – I like to eat healthy but delicious foods that will not only nourish me nutritionally but keep my soul and mind satisfied.

So, um, ignore the addictive thumbprint cookies (which by the way aren’t so bad) I just posted and enjoy this list of my 10 Healthiest Vegetarian recipes (and vegan!) for the new year! What will you be eating in 2016?

10 Healthiest Vegetarian Recipes

10 Healthiest Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes to jump start the new year!

1. Persian Barley Soup (Soup-e Jo or Ash-e Jo)

Persian Barley Soup (Soup e Jo or Ash e Jo)

This Persian Barley Soup is vegan and contains just 5 ingredients. It couldn’t be simpler or more healthy as you jump start your health for the new year!

2. Lentil and Asparagus Salad with Macerated Strawberries

Summer Lentil Salad with Asparagus and Macerated Strawberries

Macerating the strawberries in this well-rounded salad makes them shockingly juicy!

3. Persian Yogurt and Beet Dip (Mast o Laboo)

Mast o Laboo - Persian Yogurt and beet dip

Not only does this Persian yogurt + beet dip look adorable, it’s great for you too! Try this mast o laboo as a snack with bread or crackers.


4. Ab Talebi – Persian-style Canteloupe Smoothie with Rosewater

Persian Cantaloupe Smoothie with Rosewater - Ab Talebi

Refreshing, vitamin-rich and delicious, this Persian style Cantaloupe Smoothie with rosewater (Ab Talebi) is the perfect afternoon snack or post-workout drink!


5. Lemony Kale Hummus

Lemony Kale Hummus

Your favorite dip, amped up with kale and lemon. Bright, delicious and filling. Serve with pita or even kale chips for a super healthy snack!


6. Spicy Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup

Spicy Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup

Let your slow cooker do the work and come home to this spicy, delicious, filling and low calorie black bean soup! Add a dollop of yogurt for some cool creaminess.


7. Turmeric Braised Lentils with Spinach

Braised Lentils with Spinach

All the health benefits of anti-inflammatory turmeric, iron-rich lentils and protein and fiber-filled spinach in one delicious dish! Serve with yogurt to balance out the dish for a protein-rich, low-cal and low-fat meal.


8. Pomegranate Guacamole

Pomegranate Guacamole

Your favorite guacamole with a ruby-red addition – crunchy, tart and juicy pomegranate arils add a delicious crunch!

9. Persian Lentil Stew (Adasi)

Adasi (Persian Lentil Stew)

A hearty stew of lentils with Persian spices – a great healthy meal for the cold days of winter! Adasi (Persian Lentil Stew)

10. Rose-scented Meringues

Ahu Eats: Rose Infused Meringue Cookies with Pistachio Dust

A classic meringue cookie with a Middle-Eastern twist – scented with rosewater and dusted with pistachios. These cookies are low in fat and calories. Enjoy a few for a healthy sweet treat!


German Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies – Husarenkrapfen

After being charmed by Cookie Oma on what is in my humble opinion – the best cooking show ever (My Grandmother’s Ravioli) – I have always had a fascination with German cooking… and grandmas! So when I recently had the opportunity to learn how to make these beautiful and addictive German Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies (Husarenkrapfen) with a real German grandmother – in the flesh – I relished the opportunity!

German Thumbprint Cookies (Husarenkrapfen) 1

German Thumbprint Cookies Made with Raspberry Jam – HusarenKrapfen

First let me take a step back though… I had the pleasure of trying Elizabeth’s famous thumbprint cookies (Husarenkrapfen) two years ago – and even though they had travelled from Europe to Asia before landing in my stomach in New York, I could tell they were something truly special.

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