Sunday, January 29, 2012

Food vs Experience?

Ever since my birthday dinner last week I've been thinking a lot about what is worth more when dining out - the quality of the food or the quality of the experience? 

At first I thought, of course, it's the food that matters most! But after last week's dinner (superb food, terrible overall dining experience) I had second thoughts. Which of these scenarios would you rather return to:

- Excellent food, careless service, atmosphere not conducive to conversing with your guests, reservation process is painful and takes many back-and-forths. 

- Completely mediocre food, but great service and there's not a thing to complain about. The staff is attentive and makes you feel like a VIP from making reservations to leaving the restaurant. 

I think the answer hinges mainly on why the person chose to dine out in the first place: to get away from cooking themselves? because they only go out to a restaurant twice a year? they're on vacation? Thankfully, there are many happy mediums available and even a few gems with both a great dining experience and food, but at the end of the I believe them to be equally important.

They even managed to bring the wrong cake - a true comedy of errors.

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